Schedule audits, manage non-conformities, keep records

Audits are an effective means to gather factual information which would issist management in their decision making process.

Most management system standards require that internal audits are carried out to verify that the management system meets the requirements of the applicable standard and company policies. Internal audits provide objective evidence that systems and processes are implemented and maintained, and its effectiveness in achieving objectives.

To ensure that materials, products and services that are sourced from external suppliers will comply with specified requirements, an evaluation process will be required. This process may include audits to determine the ability of such suppliers to perform and ensure compliance as expected.

Audits will need to be schedulled, planned, and carried out by competent auditors. Those responsible to accommodate and support the audit process would require prior notification of the upcomming audits.

The internal and supplier audit module of the AutoSHEQ software provides the means to implement these requirements.

Internal Audits & Supplier Audits

  • Scheduling audits
  • Audit Non-conformities
    • Action Request
    • File attachments
  • Admin options

AutoSHEQ reduces time and costs associated with:

  • Reminding persons before scheduled audits becomes due
  • Monitoring of outstanding, in-progress and completed audits
  • Monitoring of actions related to audit non-conformities

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