Availability of your documentation from a central location

Most organizations benefit from a formally documented business structure, their policies, processes and control mechanisms as a means to reduce risk and achieving compliance. Documents are essential for the proper functioning and overall success of any business.

The challenge is always to ensure that these documents are available at points of use within the organisation and that it contains up-to-date, reliable and formally approved information in order to be an effective communication tool. To achieve this, a controlled set of processes will need to be implemented to manage the creation, review, modification, approval, distribution and accessibility of the documentation.

The documentation module of the AutoSHEQ software has been developed as a complete solution to achieve this.

AutoSHEQ Document Management

  • Document folder structure(s)
    • Multiple tree structures
    • Folder names and positions
    • Manage structures
    • Relocate documents
  • Document publication
    • Files supported
    • Document ownership
    • Approval authorities
    • Viewing restrictions
    • Review scheduling
    • Easy access to documents
  • Document Change Management
    • Document "Change Request"
    • Communications tool
    • File attachments
    • Owner review and approval
    • Approval authorities
    • Republish documents
    • Superseded documents
  • Record publication
    • Files supported
    • Access to records

Save time and reduce costs associated with:

  • The review, approval and distribution of documents
  • Maintaining lists and registers
  • Monitoring and tracking document changes and status
  • Reassigning review & approval responsibilities

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