Schedule tasks, manage breakdowns, keep records (complimentary module)

Control of measuring equipment is essential if verification of specified parameters are required. Evidence that results are correctly determined needs to be traceable to reliable benchmarks. To ensure that accurate information is provided by measuring quipment, verification of its ability will be required at intervals which in most cases will need to be traceable to recognised standards.

Similarly, machinery and tools that are used for producing products would need to be kept in good order to prevent delays and meet demand. This would require routine verification, adjustment or replacement of parts as required.

The equipment calibration and maintenance module of the AutoSHEQ software provides the means to schedule such tasks at set frequencies, notify those responsible and keeping record of results.

Calibration & Maintenance

  • Equipment register
    • Lists and Schedules
    • Equipment locations
  • Scheduled tasks
    • Breakdowns
  • Equipment administration

AutoSHEQ reduces time and costs associated with:

  • Reminding persons before scheduled tasks becomes due
  • Monitoring the status of calibration and maintenance tasks
  • Calibration and maintenance record keeping

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